Thanks Matt. =)

Yeah I have been really pulling my hair out over that one. =) With as
many Pop-3 connections/sec that our servers handle I thought that I
would make things a little smoother if Vpopmail didn't write the cdb. I
am afraid that the hash would become corrupt and cause relay problems
for my users. 

Instead, I am just having vpopmail write to a cdb elsewhere on the file
system that nothing else reads. Then I have tcpserver read a different
cdb file that I have created. 

It's messy, but it works. =) 

Paul J. Fries
CWIE, LLC - Internet Services

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You are exactly correct.  Even when using my patch, vpopmail continues 
to update the tcp.smtp.cdb file. There's one reason for that. The first 
is that my suggestion for adding a --dont-update-tcprulesfile=true was 
never implemented.  Granted, it would only benefit a few users (really 
big ones like me) and it really doesn't make that much difference.

So, in short you are right.  You can do as I do and manually disable 
the routines in the vpopmail code that writes out the file, or you can 
just ignore it. If you're really clever, you can code in a 
--don't-update-tcprulesfile function but to save some time, you might 
want to search through the archives of this list as I've already been 
down that road.


On Tuesday, September 3, 2002, at 12:08  PM, Paul Fries wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am trying to accomplish using vpopmail with the tcpserver/mysql 
> patch.
> Based on the documentation found on step 13 of
> --
> For sites using the mysql module and --enable-roaming-users=y it is
> highly suggested to use Matt Simersons tcpserver-mysql patch. This
> removes the need for vpopmail to compile a tcp.smtp.cdb file for each
> pop authentication.
> --
> I have implemented the patch, and verified that tcpserver is reading
> /var/qmail/control/sql file properly (if I chmod 000 this file,
> tcpserver complains about it on startup). Also with
> --enable-roaming-users=y in vpopmail, vchkpw properly writes the
> authenticated IP addresses/timestamp to the vpopmail.relay table in
> MySQL.
> My problem is this:
> Even though it is properly writing the IPs to the vpopmail.relay
> it is also writing them into the tcp.smtp.cdb hash file. I would like 
> it
> to ONLY write to MySQL and not to the .cdb. I have tried
> --enable-roaming-users=n, but this causes vchkpw to stop writing the
> addresses to either location.
> It is almost like there should be a --dont-update-tcprulesfile=true
> variable upon configuration. Am I missing something here? Has someone
> else configured vpopmail in this manner and gotten around this
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Paul Fries

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