On Friday, September 6, 2002, at 07:10  AM, David Phillips wrote:

> Paul Fries writes:
>> Yeah I have been really pulling my hair out over that one. =) With as
>> many Pop-3 connections/sec that our servers handle I thought that I
>> would make things a little smoother if Vpopmail didn't write the cdb.
>> I am afraid that the hash would become corrupt and cause relay
>> problems for my users.
> Assuming that vpopmail has proper locking for the tcprules(1) source 
> file
> and uses unique temporary files everytime it runs tcprules, then this 
> isn't
> a problem.  tcprules atomically updates the cdb file.

In theory, you are correct David. In practice, that file gets truncated 
regularly on a high volume mail server. Discovering that, and 
subsequent problems because of it caused me to write the mysql patch in 
the first place.


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