Actually the big site setup is the mysql portion. It changes the table
structure for sites that have large amounts of users, not large amounts of
sites. It should start putting the sites into seperate inode style
directories. So after the first 200 or so domains it should create a 0
directory then stick the next 200 or so, then create a 1 directory and do
the same. That way there is not more than so many domains per directory.
This is done because of the Linux FS starts to bottleneck when a certain
directory/file tree get's to large.

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> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] Big site setup.
> * Jesus J. Robles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020924 11:45]:
> > More than 65000 domains???
> >
> > Are you shure a solution using different mail servers is not better??
> The system is running LVS (Linux Virtual Server) with shared
> /home/vpopmail/domains. So the whole system is loadbalanced.
> But the problem is the /home/vpopmail/domains directory there is _alot_ of
> domain dirs there and I thougt the "big site" setup would solve
> this. I have
> heard of this setup but not seen mush of it discussed. Inter7
> states on URL:
> "Support for 1 to 23 million virtual email domains using a "grow
> as it goes"
> balenced directory tree."
> How do I activate this feature and how do I convert my current
> directory tree
> to use this feature?
> /fs

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