* Brad Dameron <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020924 19:40]:
> Actually the big site setup is the mysql portion. It changes the table
> structure for sites that have large amounts of users, not large amounts of
> sites. It should start putting the sites into seperate inode style
> directories. So after the first 200 or so domains it should create a 0
> directory then stick the next 200 or so, then create a 1 directory and do
> the same. That way there is not more than so many domains per directory.
> This is done because of the Linux FS starts to bottleneck when a certain
> directory/file tree get's to large.

Thanks, I have not found any info about this feature in the docs.
(maybee missed it, will check again)

I'm running vpopmail v4.9 and want to enable this feature when I upgrade to
v5.2.1. Will this be activated and used even if there is 10k+ domains already
in /home/vpopmail/domains and/or is there any tool to convert the existing
domains to "big site setup"? In the contrib/ directory there is a vreorg.c but
is not compileable due to the missing safestring.h in the distribution. 

.Fredrik Steen
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