Hi Matt,

On 2002.09.24_16:03:52_+0000, Matt Simerson wrote:
> Everything on the new system works just fine except the vconvert
> function. Can anyone verify that vconvert actually does work? 

Yes, it actually works. Below are the steps I have taken to come up with
that statement: 
1. Compile and install 5.3.8 with cdb.  
2. Test create a domain (devel.dutnux.com) and some users.  
3. Recompile with mysql support, install, using 5.3.8.  
4. Invoke ./vconvert -c -m -v -d devel.dutnux.com 
version: 5.3.8 
could not connect to mysql update server Unknown database 'vpopmail' 
with database 
converting devel.dutnux.com done 
5. I checked mysql, it created vpopmail database and table for me.
The vpopmail table contain exactly the user I created.

> Can you sanitize a copy of a newer vpasswd file and send it my way so
> I can compare it to my ancient system to see if the format is still
> the same?

This is the first line of the vpasswd file I have. It was created using
5.3.8 with password learning support:


Sorry for the wrapped line.

> Matt


H. D. Lee

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