That was it, thanks HD.

Upon comparing his vpasswd file and mine, there's an extra field in the 
vpasswd file for the clear text password. If I merely add another colon 
to the end of each line in the vpasswd file, vconvert works just fine.

I'd suggest updating the vconvert program so that it does not require 
the clear text password field to be present in order to function 
properly. That will make legacy installs much easier to upgrade.

Lastly, I'm not entirely certain *why* running vconvert against my 
older vpasswd file deleted all mysql entries in the vpopmail table but 
it's not a safe behavior. Maybe it just removes all entries that match 
the domain before importing and then does the import. It would be a 
really good idea to verify that there's some new data capable of being 
inserted before deleting the old entries.


On Wednesday, September 25, 2002, at 11:18  AM, H. D. Lee wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> On 2002.09.24_16:03:52_+0000, Matt Simerson wrote:
>> Everything on the new system works just fine except the vconvert
>> function. Can anyone verify that vconvert actually does work?
> Yes, it actually works. Below are the steps I have taken to come up 
> with
> that statement:
> 1. Compile and install 5.3.8 with cdb.
> 2. Test create a domain ( and some users.
> 3. Recompile with mysql support, install, using 5.3.8.
> 4. Invoke ./vconvert -c -m -v -d
> version: 5.3.8
> could not connect to mysql update server Unknown database 'vpopmail'
> with database
> converting done
> 5. I checked mysql, it created vpopmail database and table for me.
> The vpopmail table contain exactly the user I created.
>> Can you sanitize a copy of a newer vpasswd file and send it my way so
>> I can compare it to my ancient system to see if the format is still
>> the same?
> This is the first line of the vpasswd file I have. It was created using
> 5.3.8 with password learning support:
> postmaster:$1$R.O7J$cRKPnHXAkWuZ6epI94R.k/:1:0:Postmaster:
> /home/vpopmail/domains/
> Sorry for the wrapped line.
>> Matt
> -- 
> H. D. Lee

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