At 07:08 11/10/2002 +1000, Michael Bowe wrote:

>You can add as many additional fields as desired if you run the vpopmail
>with the MySQL backend

I think he's more interested in a field made available to the software, 
like vQadmin, than adding it manually.  I've got an upcoming project that 
requires an extra field (or two) per Vpomail account, and I've been 
thinking of how best to do it.  Well, that's a lie, I know how best to do 
it.  Add it into Vpopmail and then patch vQadmin to handle this field. I'm 
just being lazy, since I don't want to re-write with every new version of 
Vpopmail or vQadmin.. So perhaps I'll just suggest it here:

What does everyone think of adding a misc. field or two to Vpopmail's SQL 
structure for that can be accessed in a program like vQadmin.  What gets 
put into it and how its used is up to each sysadmin though.

-- Steve

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> > probably not possible. but i was wondering if there's any way an
> > 'comment' field could be added to vpopmail. reasoning: we have one 'main'
> > domain where customers who don't have their own domain can get a personal
> > email address. we have several hundred of them. we'd like a way to
> > associate the email address with an account name. if we use the 'real
> > field, that will of course show up in the email header, and most folks
> > don't want to be known as e.g. <John Doe, acct #NK4357>.  what would be
> > nice is a non-published comment field, that would only show up in vqadmin
> > or qmailadmin.
> >
> > thoughts?
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