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Said Matt Simerson on Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 10:11:31AM -0400:

> >Is there an efficient way to do this if you _don't_ use quotas,
> >ideally something other than 'du'?
> Efficient is a relative term.  If you're asking if there's a way to do
> this that's nearly as efficient  as using file system quotas, then the
> answer is an easy no.  The reason quotas are so efficient is that the
> kernel is involved, keeping track of disk operations on a per user
> basis. It always has a "real time" idea of how much disk space is in
> use by a customer. There is no other highly efficient way of doing it.
> The next best utility (based on my personal experience, the extensive
> reading I've done, and advise of peers) for such a task is du or ls,
> both if which suffer from varying degrees of inefficiency.  I haven't
> ever compared the speed of using du/ls to using perls File::*
> utilities. If using file system quota's isn't an option, experimenting
> with all three could be a fruitful endeavor, the results of which I'd
> find interesting.

I meant vpopmail quotas, not filesystem quotas.  How exactly could you
sue fs quotas when everything is owned by vpopmail.vchkpw?  

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