I tried to get blackhole running, but it was tough without the docs.  I
originally decided not to go with SA because it's written in perl, but it
can be run as a daemon and there's a client written in C that actually is
pretty quick.  I gave up on blackhole though.. I wasn't able to get it to
work, but I was also pressed for time so I didn't have too much luxury to
screw around with it all that much either.


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Has anyone here successfully implemented the Blackhole spam/virus blocking
system using vpopmail? I've installed it on my personal server (which uses
unix accounts) and it works fine. But on my vpopmail server, i'm running
into an assortment of oddball problems. The support for the program is a
mixed bag - the author wrote a great program, but he's weak on
documentation (as he freely admits), and he doesn't have a lot of time to
work on the program these days. I'm attracted to blackhole rather than
spamassassin because it's written in C rather than perl, so there's lower
overhead per delivery. http://www.groovy.org is the main site - i just this
morning posted in the forum there, so rather than repeat the details of
what i'm experiencing, you can check it out there. if anyone has any
insights, i'd appreciate the assistance.....

Paul Theodoropoulos
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