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> > P.S: though I have valias support enabled and it seems to be working fine
> > (can use command line valias to add re-director (as well as test it), php
> > refuses to add support for it. Have re-built from clean tree sources for
> > vpopmail as well as php, no luck.
> >
> > Though not a vpopmail problem, if anyone has any idea why this may be,
> > I'd appreciate it some guidance.
> >
> > -mustafa.

the vpopmail extension (you might want to try mine, as it has some important 
fixes for alias domains) is checking for valias support by looking for the 
library call valias_select

you might want to try:   

strings ~vpopmail/lib/libvpopmail.a | grep valias_select

to check whether this function really is in your libvpopmail.a

oh.. and you can find my php vpopmail extension at

Best Regards,

Justin Heesemann

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