Hi all,

We have moved to qmail / vpopmail completely and it's working very well for our needs. 
We run a control panel written (in-house) in php which used to take care of adding / 
deleting users before we had moved to vpopmail.

The new mail server however works in a jailed freebsd environment and does not offer 
direct access to commands, and in our limited environment, we don't want to offer 
qmailadmin to our clients.

I decided a good way to link our control panel to the new mail server using php's 
internal vpopmail functions would be via an xml gateway. One sends authenticated 
internal posts (via ssl) to the this gateway -- the gateway is running as vpopmail and 
carries out the requests. The response is sent back to our control panel as an xml 
document. This solves many issues and offers great flexibility. I finished 
implementing the code yesterday and it's all working well.

Enough with the background, on with the problem.

The valias function is not support by php as the functionality is left out of vpopmail 
itself (please correct me if I am wrong), and I the way around this, as far as I can 
figure out, is writing a .qmail-user file in the domains/domainname.com directory with 
the | vdelivermail line for the new email address.

As the (xml) server is running as vpopmail, this is hardly a problem to do -- however, 
I was curious if this would be the most sound method. What do you guys think? Am I 
overlooking something very obvious or is writing a file manually a good solution?

I appreciate your comments.

Best regards,
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