At 17:44 14/10/2002 -0700, Brad Dameron wrote:

Well, there was a "pre-development" post of a link to Vpopmail 5.3.9 in 
September, though I found that rather perplexing for obvious reasons.  That 
said, I to am finding the lack of response disconcerting, though I do know 
Inter7 has been very busy lately.    Perhaps we can provoke a response from 
them this time out, and if so ...

.. maybe ..

.. maybe ..

convince them to set up a CVS so those of us who work on the code and 
actually see their results published! <hint hint>

-- Steve

>We haven't seen anything from the authors for quite some time on any bugs
>being fixed or things being worked on.
>Heck the last development update was July 16th. And the last stable release
>was back in May. I see updates with the EPS system. Is this all that is
>being worked on now?
>Network Account Executive

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