Steve Fulton wrote:
> post of a link to Vpopmail 5.3.9

Is anyone actually running it?  I tried to but then reverted because of a
couple issues.

> convince them to set up a CVS so those of us who work on the code and
> actually see their results published! <hint hint>

I'm happy to setup a public repository on one of my machines in the
short-term until inter7 frees up some time.

I do not want to take over vpopmail development but I'm certainly able to
offer CVS+webcvs+nightlies right now and if we think it's a good idea then
lets go ahead and do that.  When the good guys at inter7 want to start up
development again then we'll just tar it up and move it back over there.

On the other hand, maybe they're working on some new super-secret ultra-cool
qmail add-on to replace all the tools we have now. (if anyone can, they can)

-david ulevitch

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