Thanks to all who helped; It looks like IP based virtual domains are the
answer :)


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I'm in charge of 3 email systems.  One is sendmail, one is qmail with system
users and one is qmail/vpopmail.  I'd like to move everything to the
vpopmail system, however with thousands of email accounts on each of the
other domains/mail systems, as well as overlapping usernames, it would be
too much to ask them to start appending and

Is there a way to make vpopmail failover to different default domains?  For
example, if a username/password pair do not work on the first default
domain, it will attempt to match on the second domain, failing that it will
try the 3rd domain, etc until there are no more default domains, then fail
if there is no match on any default domains..

I don't know if vpopmail has this functionality built in, or if anyone has
ever done this(I've seen no mention of this searching archives; maybe I've
been looking in the wrong place or not hard enough).  If anyone has any
suggestions or information, it would be greatly appreciated :)

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