Hello all
thanks for the open source project!!!!
I'm campus network administrator and I try to implement single-sign on 
with auth backend using mysql database!!!
I have searched server that we need that using mysql as auth module for 
*nix and windows desktop and found :
mail server --> qmail + vpopmail+mysql
ftp server   -->  pureftp + mysql
proxy server --> squid+mysql
domain logon \
file server        >  samba +mysql --> only work for 2.0.x , 2.2.x still 
on progress (by Jelmer Vernooij)
print server    /
web server --> apache+mod_auth_mysql
but I have a difficulty, because each server use their own mysql 
database, table  and password encryption, I want to that all server use 
same database and table and if could be use same password encryption 
method .
first I want to combine mail+proxy using same database and other after 
so I using vpopmail database for squid_mysql to authenticate,  
thing that I need to ask is there anybody know how to read password from 
mysql database to fit on dialog box that given by browser username and 
I have successes, but using vpopmail+ clear password, and I want to try 
using password that have encrypted
So how read encrypted password that generate by vpopmail

And for later I want to change vpopmail encryption method to use samba 
(NT) encryption
In which part of source that I should to change.....

Sorry, for my bad English
thanks for all of you attention and help




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