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2002-10-16 at 08:11, anton heryanto wrote:
> Rick Romero wrote:
> >I'm sorry, I thought you were just looking for information on doing
> >single sign-on.  I have not attempted to do any of that yet.
> >
> >But you'll have to give more information than you have.
> >
> >How did you create your users?  Samba?  Vpopmail? 

>i create user using vpasswd and qmailadmin and keep ini mysql database
>and i want to use this vpopmail database for squid mysql auth module
>i haven't implement samba+mysql --- :-) 

I'm not familiar with squid, but I'd do this:

1. make sure squid is using the same database/table as vpopmail
2. make sure squid is looking at the right columns for the username

I believe, by default, the database is 'vpopmail', and the table is
'vpopmail'.  The columns are setup as so:

pw_name | pw_domain    | pw_passwd     | pw_uid | pw_gid | pw_gecos    |
pw_dir                                       | pw_shell  |
pw_clear_passwd |

I think it's pretty straight forward.  Add the necessary squid columns
to the vpopmail table, and tell squid to use pw_name and pw_clear_passwd
to auth, if you can.

Your best resource for where to do that in Squid would be the Squid

But then, I would recommend also taking a look at what samba requires. 
You wouldn't want to spend time hacking up Squid auth, only to find that
it doesn't work with Samba. (I would think Squid would be the easiest to

Please reply to the list, while I try to be helpful, I'm not necessarily
knowledgeable, and peer review can hopefully correct any mistakes I may
make (or give you a different road to follow).



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