I've looked into this also, but I haven't gotten any further than the
research phase.

>From what I've found, you might want to start with Samba+LDAP, and add
qmail+ldap to that.  
OR, while looking for the samba+LDAP+PDC docs, I came across this at


"Interoperability between RHSD projects such as the RHSD Email Server
and the RHSD Domain Controller will allow for use of Single-Sign On.
RHSD also utilizes IETF Standardized projects and therefore will be 
compatible with any Directory system compatible with LDAP v.3."

You might want to start there.  (I just may revisit that myself sooner
than later :)


On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 06:05, anton heryanto wrote:
> Hello all
> thanks for the open source project!!!!
> I'm campus network administrator and I try to implement single-sign on 
> with auth backend using mysql database!!!
> I have searched server that we need that using mysql as auth module for 
> *nix and windows desktop and found :
> mail server --> qmail + vpopmail+mysql
> ftp server   -->  pureftp + mysql
> proxy server --> squid+mysql
> domain logon \
> file server        >  samba +mysql --> only work for 2.0.x , 2.2.x still 
> on progress (by Jelmer Vernooij)
> print server    /
> web server --> apache+mod_auth_mysql
> ---------------------
> but I have a difficulty, because each server use their own mysql 
> database, table  and password encryption, I want to that all server use 
> same database and table and if could be use same password encryption 
> method .
> first I want to combine mail+proxy using same database and other after 
> that...
> so I using vpopmail database for squid_mysql to authenticate,  
> thing that I need to ask is there anybody know how to read password from 
> mysql database to fit on dialog box that given by browser username and 
> password....
> I have successes, but using vpopmail+ clear password, and I want to try 
> using password that have encrypted
> So how read encrypted password that generate by vpopmail
> And for later I want to change vpopmail encryption method to use samba 
> (NT) encryption
> In which part of source that I should to change.....
> Sorry, for my bad English
> thanks for all of you attention and help
> Regards
> Anton
> :-)

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