You might want to look at Blackhole as well. I'm very pleased with it so 
far. I figured out how to enable it on a vpopmail installation just 
yesterday. . I'd say it's as good as 
or better than spamassassin.

I'm working with the author currently to clean up the documentation and the 
user config file (.blackhole) since there are 72 options in it, and it can 
get very confusing trying to get all the settings just right. more options 
== finer-grained control though, which is a good thing WRT spam and virus 

At 10:32 AM 10/16/2002, Charles Sprickman wrote:
>For what it's worth, where I used to work they just started using spam
>assassin system-wide.  There was some laborious tuning involved, but they
>are now sinking about 50-65% of incoming mail to the trash.  False
>positives don't seem to be a problem.  I've seen my inbox almost
>completely free of junk...  Might want to have a look at SA.  RSN I'm
>going to try it on my own vpopmail installation, and I'm going to try and
>tie SAAdmin and SquirrelMail together so users have a web-based tool to
>activate/deactive/configure spam assassin...

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