Hi Mat,

I find it works great running spamassassin from the .qmail-default file.

That way domains that want it can have it and those that don't do not have
to.  Reduces the overhead as well for those who don't.

We store all the variables in a MySQL DB and let the users set their
preferences from a web page.



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I've been working on integrating SpamAssassin into my FreeBSD mail
toaster setup (and it'll work similarly with Bill's or any other
vpopmail setup).

One of the biggest problems I've found is the lack of "good" vpopmail
support in SpamAssassin. I've hacked it up and added some of my own
code to it so that you can use SpamAssassin via qmail-queue at the
server level (IE, for every incoming message) or strictly at the user
level (via maildrop/procmail/etc).

However, my goal is NOT to publish my version of SpamAssassin. I've
sent several emails to Justin (SA author) regarding this but have yet
to get a response from him. Maybe he added the vpopmail support to SA
and got offended that I didn't think it was good enough. I don't know.

SpamAssassin works just fine with vpopmail as it's published, but only
if every domain is owned by vpopmail, and you run spamd with the "-v -u
vpopmail" flags. I think there was something else I had to do but I
don't recall what. The only problem with this type of setup is there's
no way to provide vpopmail users with individual spamassassin settings
(like whitelists, etc). That's the functionality I added to my version
of SpamAssassin.   It also necessitated a couple hacks to qmail-queue.


On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 05:20  PM, Rick Romero wrote:

> I compiled qmail with the qmail-queue patch, and added Qmail-Scanner
> and
> SpamAssassin.
> There are docs floating around to on how to add SpamAssassin via .qmail
> files if you don't want to recompile, or didn't compile with the
> qmail-queue patch.
> Rick
> On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 16:01, Werner Schalk wrote:
>> Hello,
>> what about spam filtering methods or programs
>> that work with vpopmail and qmail without
>> compiling qmail completly new? Has anyone
>> got spamassassin or anything like that
>> to work?
>> Bye and thanks,
>> Werner.

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