On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Jens Jahr wrote:

> Hi,
> this is another attempt to make the LDAP code a little more robust.
> Included is a patch against vpopmail-5.3.8 which fixes the following things:
> - vauth_getpw now returns a "struct vqpasswd *" ( as defined )
> - changed handling of vpw to be a pointer to "struct vqpasswd"
> - check if "vauth_getpw" in vpopmail.c return a value != NULL ( e.g. when you
> call vsetuserquota and user doesnot exits )
> With this patch applied you will be able to use quotas stored in LDAP.
> Note, this is not an incremental patch from my last post a few days ago. It
> should apply cleanly against vpopmail-5.3.8.


How stable is LDAP backend for vpopmail with your patch? Do you use it in

How about the smtp-relay-after-pop/imap-login feature? Am I able to use it
with ldap somehow? (It requires a patch for the tcpserver which currently
uses mysql..)

I'm interested in converting from mysql-backend to ldap-backend to be able
to provide central automatic addressbooks using ldap based on email
accounts in the (vpopmail) mailserver.

Or do you have any other ideas how to make this possible?


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