Zitat von Pasi Kärkkäinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Jens Jahr wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > this is another attempt to make the LDAP code a little more robust.
> > Included is a patch against vpopmail-5.3.8 which fixes the following
> things:
> >
> > - vauth_getpw now returns a "struct vqpasswd *" ( as defined )
> > - changed handling of vpw to be a pointer to "struct vqpasswd"
> > - check if "vauth_getpw" in vpopmail.c return a value != NULL ( e.g. when
> you
> > call vsetuserquota and user doesnot exits )
> >
> > With this patch applied you will be able to use quotas stored in LDAP.
> > Note, this is not an incremental patch from my last post a few days ago.
> It
> > should apply cleanly against vpopmail-5.3.8.
> >
> Hi!
> How stable is LDAP backend for vpopmail with your patch? Do you use it in
> production?

We use it in a production environment with ca. 500 named Users and didnt 
discover any related problems for about 4 weeks - but we do _not_ use "smtp-
relay-after-pop" - feature, because this was one of the reason to migrate from 
the old WinNT-VPOP solution, instead I applied the qmail-auth patch with an 
addiotional patch to make it also use LDAP. But before you ask we for that 
patch I must admit you that this patch needs some more work.
I will submit it as soon as it has proven its stability.

> I'm interested in converting from mysql-backend to ldap-backend to be able
> to provide central automatic addressbooks using ldap based on email
> accounts in the (vpopmail) mailserver.

Yes, this is also one of my favorite goals !!
But until now there is only basic-LDAP support in vpopmail and there is a lot 
of work to do. 
I am willing to adress some of the LDAP-steps, because we need it.
Let me know if you already did some work.


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