this is my second drop to make the LDAP-Code from vpopmail
more robust. The second patch includes my first patch I send a 3 weeks ago.
To review my work I'll give a link where all patches are available.


- multiple domains stored in LDAP - operational
- vsetuserquota stored in LDAP - operational
- Bugfixes
- Code cleanup

For each Domain a seperate OU is setup, so that a user [EMAIL PROTECTED] is
different from user [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have testet the following which worked:
- vadddomain
- vadduser
- vdeluser
- vdeldomain
- vsetuserquota
- compatible to qmailadmin
- compatible to vdeliver

My next TODO items:
- code cleanup
- more flexible error handling
- add more items stored in LDAP

You are welcome to test it on your system, for me it works !!
You can download my patches on :


Note this are not incremental patches !!
Copy the   patch-ldap-2.gz to your vpopmail dir, gunzip it and use:
patch -p1 < patch-ldap-2 
to aplly.

The patches are against vpopmail-5.3.8, but they should apply cleanly against


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