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> Dear all,
> I  ave  problem  about vpopmail user authentication, way every user in
> vpopmail  can't login through sqwebmail, but throught pop3 mail client
> its can use normally,
> do I make some mistake? would you please give soulution for this case?
> I've been reinstall sqwebmail but the problem still exist
> highly appreciate for yr help

What mail client are you using?  Have you tried several?

I have noticed that OutlookExpress for Macintosh (all versions for the last
several years) will fail on pop several times (maybe 3 times, maybe 20
times) when a newly created pop account is used for the first time.  By just
clicking Send and Receive quickly a dozen or so times it eventually works.
Once it works once it works forever.

I don't know what it is about OutlookExpress, how it can behave differently
for new accounts that have not previously been used.  Would be interested if
anyone else has solved this problem.  I am new to this list - maybe the
issue has been brought up before.

-Kurt Bigler

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