I'm sure you are all tired of hearing about quotas and how they won't decrease once file has been deleted.
I understand there are some issues with quota support in qmail+vpopmail.  I just joined this mailing list, so if this was answered recently, I apologize.  I think I am a little confused because vpopmail claims to support maildir quotas for qmail-pop3d, however there seem to be issues with it.
The Problem:
The problem seems well documented, the solution however doesn't. 
Email is sent, the maildirsize file grows, it approaches the quota size (90%) and emails the quotawarn.msg.  However when the emails are removed, the maildirsize file is the same.
The Patch:
I don't smoke, but I did use the patch.  I used `patch -p0 maildir-quota.patch` .  I'm assuming it worked, there were no errors.  I'm not too familiar with the patch command, but after some research, I think I found the right syntax to use. 
The Problem Continues:

After applying the patch, the maildirsize still doesn't go down.  Is the patch stable?  Did I patch it wrong?  If the patch works, why isn't it incorporated into the standard vpopmail package so it will work "out of the box," rather than distributing the patch with the release.  I have also seen a patch for qmailadmin.  Is this patch necessary to make it work, or is that a patch to edit the quota size in qmailadmin.
Also, I've read somewhere that without the patch, the quota will reset itself after 15 minutes.  This doesn't seem to be the case.
ANY help is greatly appreciated.  I promise if I can get this issue solved, I am documenting it for others.

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