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I'm sure you are all tired of hearing about quotas and how they won't decrease once file has been deleted.
I understand there are some issues with quota support in qmail+vpopmail.  I just joined this mailing list, so if this was answered recently, I apologize.  I think I am a little confused because vpopmail claims to support maildir quotas for qmail-pop3d, however there seem to be issues with it.
The Problem:
The problem seems well documented, the solution however doesn't. 
Email is sent, the maildirsize file grows, it approaches the quota size (90%) and emails the quotawarn.msg.  However when the emails are removed, the maildirsize file is the same.
The Patch:
I don't smoke, but I did use the patch.  I used `patch -p0 maildir-quota.patch` .  I'm assuming it worked, there were no errors.  I'm not too familiar with the patch command, but after some research, I think I found the right syntax to use. 
There is no patch called "maildir-quota.patch" that is supported by vpopmail. I don't think you have it patched correctly.

The only included in the stable release is qmail-pop3d-maildirquota.patch.gz, and is located in the contrib directory. There is a newer version, that is available with the development versions of vpopmail, and it's filename is qmail-maildir++.patch. I recommend this one. Both are available on my site, www.shupp.org. Re-patch qmail with one of these, and that should solve your problems. i.e.:

cd qmail-1.03
lynx --source http://www.shupp.org/patches/qmail-maildir++.patch | patch -p0
qmailctl stop
make setup check
qmailctl start


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