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martin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>> 1)  Change the &username entry to
>>> &/home/vpopmail/domains/domain/username

>> Never ever.
>> But do you have even _tried_ to read qmail
>> documentation?

>  Yes, I have it printed out and have been using qmail
>  for 5-years.

To be honest: I would have guessed so.

>  The problem is trying to understand how vpopmail is
>  doing things.

It does it "the qmail way".
Have you never ever noticed while reading vpopmail documentation it uses
_absolutely identical_ syntax for dor-qmail files?
Have you _ever_ understood what qmail uses /var/qmail/users/* for?
No? Than you lied and you haven't read qmail documentation.
Yes? So what makes you think there's something different in syntax?
There _can't_ be a difference in syntax for files like


because they _are_ processed by qmail itself, not vpopmail nor any part
of it.

Execute the following command to educate yourself about qmail, virtual
domains and dot-qmail using and handling for VDs (assuming your
incarnation of 'man' respects $MANPATH):

MANPATH=/var/qmail/man man qmail-users
MANPATH=/var/qmail/man man dot-qmail

vpopmail is there for _only_ two things:

- preventing you from creating a dot-qmail file for _every_
  e-mail-address you want to be handled in a virtual domain, by using
  the .qmail-default mechanism of qmail and having a program behind this
  file (vdelivermail) that looks up a database (real DB or dot-cdb file)
  for delivery instructions
- providing a password checking tool (vchkpw) that makes use of an own
  and system independent user database (again: real DB or dot-cdb file)

Everything else is the _pure_ qmail way. 'vadddomain' does nothing that
can't be achieved by manually editing _qmail_ configuration files.
'vadduser' is only a helping tool to handle the "independent user db".
'vpopmail' only let you distribute an e-mail easier to all known users,
nothing that can't be done without it (albeit it's quite more
comfortable this way :-)).

For not being misunderstood: I _do_ appreciate development of vpopmail,
the package itself and the easy interface for administer virtual
domains; I'm no qmail fetishist who loves it to do everything the manual
way. But I really wish people would stop trying to put to much "esoteric
ideas" in the way vpopmail works.
It simly makes great use of a equally great basic system. qmail simply
is build to be easily extended, and that is what vpopmail does. Extend
where necessary / useful; reuse where possible.

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