* Jonas Pasche <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-03-20 07:40]:
> # valias 
> must supply alias email address
> valias: usage: [options] email_address 
> options: -v ( display the vpopmail version number )
>          -s ( show aliases, can use just domain )
>          -d ( delete alias )
>          -i alias_line (insert alias line)
> Isn't that enough? valias isn't _that_ complex...

Yes, I am still not getting it. Let me be more clear. Just correct me
along the way. (remember I am on dummy system so all domains are false).

If I have a domain payal.com, I want that whenever a mail is being sent
to either [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED], it should land at (or do as
specified in .qmail-ext file) of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Is this how we use
aliases? Is this an example of alias?

Now I tried valias like this,

But this does not work at all. All the mails bounce. Even I am not
getting onos solution. Can someone clear this thing?

Warm regards,

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