Joe Oaks wrote:
This has been covered, check the archives more :)

1) how are your current accounts held,
   mysql db
Current accounts are in on an NT machine. sold out a couple of years ago and the new company dropped Every day that goes by makes me more anxious.

I've spent time looking at the passwords in (and archives and google and ...) and haven't found any way to convert. My current plan is using a sniffer and putting usernames and passwords into a file, and then ramming them through vaddsuser.

2) there is vconvert command that will convert to a usuable format
   for vpopmail.
I looked at this long enough to determine it wouldn't work with passwords.

3) the archives have an example script you can do if your user names
and passwords are in a text file. Search for post from me, as I asked this same question.
I'll look for the post. Thanks for the response.


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