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> Current accounts are in post.office on an NT machine. Software.com sold
> out a couple of years ago and the new company dropped post.office. Every
> day that goes by makes me more anxious.
> I've spent time looking at the passwords in post.office (and archives
> and google and ...) and haven't found any way to convert. My current
> plan is using a sniffer and putting usernames and passwords into a file,
> and then ramming them through vaddsuser.

Hi Pat,
We had the same problem, when we migrated from Post.Office to vpopmail last

We had a list of original passwords that people used when they 1st signed up
with our ISP. But since then many of them had changed their passwords so our
list wasnt 100% accurate.

In the end we enabled the password capturing features of our RADIUS server
so that we could capture peoples passwords as they dialled in. This gave us
a pretty complete password list within a week or two.

We just set the remaining vpopmail passwords to the original password we had
on file

This gave us a pretty complete list, and after we migrated all the mailboxes
across, we just fielded the tech calls from any remaining users and reset
their passwords as appropriate.

Make sure you compile vpopmail with "--enable-logging=p" and
This will let you tech desk staff be able to view what people are typing in
as their password should their authentication fail.
Also they can see what actual password is stored in the vpopmail account.


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