Ok first of Hi to all

As you know I'm (was better to say) a main developer of ldap module for
vpopmail as that I would ask Bill Shupp to commit these changes into
vpopmail base (and I send you small patch allready but was never commited)

so anyway  Jens Jahr when you created your howto you expeled MD5 support
Ok I must confess that my support was not so good for MD5 but anyway with
tweaking of openldap slapd we can get REAL MD5 hash system `
Anyway I think job is still not done with LDAP module but first we DO need

Bill Shup to commit your changes to base source tree


------------------ man slapd.conf ---------------------
       password-crypt-salt-format <format>
              Specify the format of the salt passed  to  crypt(3)
              when     generating    {CRYPT}    passwords    (see
              password-hash) during processing of  LDAP  Password
              Modify Extended Operations (RFC 3062).

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