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On Saturday, December 7, 2002 at 3:09:42 PM you wrote:

> Okay why do you have to be so arrogant ?

Trust me: If I'm becoming arrogant you'll for sure recognize it.
This were just clear words.

> maybe i didn´t understand everything

Oh wonder, me too. I didn't understand everything too. It's so much on
this world I don't understand myself I wouldn't blame anybody for
doing the same.

> and ask here but you just have to be a fool and answer me the way
> you did.

What have I done? I did answer to you, correct. I told you what your
options are.
But maybe you simply misunderstood the intention of this list. It
ain't a "I have a problem, give the the solution and implement it for
me" list, this is a "I've run into trouble. Anybody any hint how to
solve it?" list.
You got a hint. You told you might be unwilling to follow this hint.
So your still open option is: to forget it and don't use it.
Somebody told you where your answers are located, if you're unwilling
to fetch them from there it is your decision not to do.
There ain't an option "Can you repeat the stuff that's written on that
wonderful website (with a lot of effort done to put it all together)
here on this lists for redundancy?".
You'd still have to _read_ either way, so the best solution for
keeping this list unbloated is you go to the site and read there.

> my suggestion is don´t bother me again!

Nice suggestion, easy solution:

Click here:
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