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> I'm using Qmail with Vpopmail. I need to LOG all incoming and outgoing
> messages on an specific virtualdomain (not all domains on my mail
> server).



from Bruce Guenter's web site.
It contains a file named 'qmail-1.03-msglog.patch'.
Patch your qmail, re-compile and re-install it.
Create a file ~alias/.qmail-msglog and read 'dot.qmail-msglog' form
the downloaded tar.gz for having a template for this file.
Pipe all mails to a script or program, that checks if the message is
from or to this particular domain you're trying to observer. If so log
the message, if not simply drop the message.

That's it.

There's no known way to log outgoing mails in a different way, except
maybe making use of QMAILQUEUE patch, which is in the above mentioned
tar.gz as file 'qmail-1.03-queuevar.patch'.
Nevertheless you'll have to patch and re-compile/re-install qmail.
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Peter Palmreuther

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