Dear Peter,

Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 6:22:12 AM:
PP> Get

PP> from Bruce Guenter's web site.
PP> It contains a file named 'qmail-1.03-msglog.patch'.
PP> Patch your qmail, re-compile and re-install it.
PP> Create a file ~alias/.qmail-msglog and read 'dot.qmail-msglog' form
PP> the downloaded tar.gz for having a template for this file.
PP> Pipe all mails to a script or program, that checks if the message is
PP> from or to this particular domain you're trying to observer. If so log
PP> the message, if not simply drop the message.

PP> That's it.

PP> There's no known way to log outgoing mails in a different way, except
PP> maybe making use of QMAILQUEUE patch, which is in the above mentioned
PP> tar.gz as file 'qmail-1.03-queuevar.patch'.
PP> Nevertheless you'll have to patch and re-compile/re-install qmail.

Eventually, it's worked! Thank you very much. I had some problems
(Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir), but now it's solved.

Now I have to find "a script or program, that checks if the message is
from or to this particular domain"...  Do you have any suggestion?

Luís Marcelo Nogueira


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