Hi Luis,

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002 03:08:33 -0200
Luis Marcelo Nogueira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> except maybe making use of QMAILQUEUE patch, which is in the above

> Eventually, it's worked! Thank you very much. I had some problems
> (Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir), but now it's solved.
> Now I have to find "a script or program, that checks if the message is
> from or to this particular domain"...  Do you have any suggestion?

MANPATH=/var/qmail/man man 8 qmail-command

Read this, set up a script that writes the environment to a file (e.g.
'set >>/tmp/xyz.test') and call that test-script from a dot-qmail file.
Now decide which variable(s) (I'd recommend $HOST as a starting point)
you want to check. For outgoing mails you'll have to check $SENDER, I

HTH, and sorry, I don't know if there's a "ready to use" script anywhere
out there. Chances are you'll have to write it yourself.


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