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> What can be happen? (I am storing domain mails in user's home folder)
> (vadddomain -u user -g usergrp web.com.br)

ls -ld ~vpopmail \
   ~vpopmail/domains \
   ~vpopmail/domains/web.com.br \

If _ANY_ of these deny user vpopmail to read (or execute if it's a
directory) you can't run qmail-smtpd as UID(vpopmail) _AND_
authenticate this domain.

Simply do a

su vpopmail -

and try

ls ~vpopmail/domains/web.com.br/vpasswd.cdb

If you get an 'Access denied' you simply have a permission problem,
because you're running 'web.com.br' not as UID(vpopmail).
You'll have to start qmail-smtpd as root to get out of this.
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