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> Sent: Thursday, 9 January 2003 2:16 AM
> Subject: [vchkpw] vpopmail cdb to mysql conversion 5.2.1 
> problem, table layout?

> What i've seen is that the vlog table becomes quite big after 
> a few days, will it weed out old logs after a few days or do 
> i have to make something my own that does this?

No, the logs will not get automatically purged.

If you compiled vpopmail with "--enable-mysql-logging=y",
then vpopmail will log every single authentication request 
into the vlog table.

This is not really acceptable for most (all?) installations 
because the size of the table will become huge in no time flat.

I have just added some information about this issue to my 
vpopmail/mysql toaster page at 
(look in the vpopmail section)

I have provided a patch that shows how I modified the vpopmail 
logging code so that the mysql logging verbosity will mimic 
the syslog verbosity chosen in the "--enable-logging" configure

So then you can reconfigure with "--enable-logging=p", and
only failed authentication attempts will get logged to the vlog table.

Hope that helps!


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