--- Andrew Kohlsmith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Back in April of last year I'd asked about Postgres support in
> vpopmail and 
> Bill had mentioned that it was in the development version.  Has that
> been 
> abandoned altogether?  I didn't see it in the current stable release,
> and 
> there's been a few releases between 04/02 and now.  :-)

I checked with the guy who did the original Postgresql patch, but he
hacked together the Configure files etc to make it compile. He has not
done any work on it and someone else seemed to have taken over the

What I ended up doing was using qmail-sql available at:


Then I patched courier-imap for configurable custom SELECT and UPDATE
SQL queries for use with IMAP and POP3. I sent the patch back to Sam
(author of Courier). 

Courier IMAP SQL uses its own table schema which is different from
qmail-sql. Having customizable SELECT and UPDATE queries allow you to
"glue" the two together.

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