I had done some finishing work with the code that Nels wrote and am
currently running vpopmail 5.3.4 in a production environment with a little
over 1000 users.  It works very well with no hangups that I have noticed.

I submitted the code to the vpopmail developers back around May or April of
2002.  Since then there has been little interest from the vpopmail community
for postgresql support and the vpopmail development team.

>From the looks of it, postgresql support will not be making it into vpopmail
unless someone makes patches for every release.

I still have the code and would like to see it integrated into vpopmail.  I
don't know much about autoconf and haven't had the time to learn or I'd do
that part myself.  I think that's about all that needs to be done.  Once
autoconf knows about postgresql, the make file should be generated properly
and we'd have postgresql support.

Feel free to contact me off list if you'd like to discuss this further.


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--- Andrew Kohlsmith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Back in April of last year I'd asked about Postgres support in 
> vpopmail and Bill had mentioned that it was in the development 
> version.  Has that been
> abandoned altogether?  I didn't see it in the current stable release,
> and 
> there's been a few releases between 04/02 and now.  :-)

I checked with the guy who did the original Postgresql patch, but he hacked
together the Configure files etc to make it compile. He has not done any
work on it and someone else seemed to have taken over the work.

What I ended up doing was using qmail-sql available at:


Then I patched courier-imap for configurable custom SELECT and UPDATE SQL
queries for use with IMAP and POP3. I sent the patch back to Sam (author of

Courier IMAP SQL uses its own table schema which is different from
qmail-sql. Having customizable SELECT and UPDATE queries allow you to "glue"
the two together.

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