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PP> Hi Peter,

PP> On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 07:25:43 +0100 Peter Mikeska

>> I want ask U this> I have working vpopmail+qmail+courier, its about 5
>> domains, and when I make alias for some address I
>> get file .qmail-nameofalias in directory for domain
>> for every alias I make, so I decided to put it to
>> aliases only ONE file in /etc , i use fastforward , so I have write
>> one line of command to .qmail-DEFAULT but I dont know in which one,
>> .qmail-default from qmail installation seem dont work this way with
>> vpopmail, and every domain have one in dir, I tryed put it to every
>> file but wont work. so can some1 help me how to use aliases file with
>> vpopmail?

PP> There're several reasons that stand against your plan.

PP> 1.) Files ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/.qmail-*
PP>     are handled natively by qmail-local.
PP>     Vpopmail doesn't step in here, so they're already the most efficient
PP>     "way of doing".
PP>     Vpopmail only takes actions for
PP>     ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/user
PP>     as "vdelivermail" searches for "user" in "vpasswd.cdb" and gets
PP>     directed to that directory for message storing.
PP> 2.) You will not succeed. 'fastforward' doesn't allow mailbox or maildir
PP>     delivery instructions in alias file.

PP>     Imagine a simple example:

PP>     [EMAIL PROTECTED] should be forwared to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

PP>     So your key / value pair in alias file would be


PP>     Your ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/.qmail-default would look like

PP>     | ~vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' | fastforward /etc/aliases.cdb

PP>     The mail comes in, vdelivermail is invoked, as no
PP>     ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/.qmail-qwertz exists and
PP>     ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/.qmail-default ist chosen.

PP>     fastforward looks up the aliases file for
PP>     '[EMAIL PROTECTED]', finds it and forwards the mail.
PP>     The mail gets reinjected, directed to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'.
PP>     qmail-local don't find
PP>     ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/.qmail-postmaster, therefor
PP>     .qmail-edfault is used again. Now fastforward looks for
PP>     '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' in aliases file. Either this
PP>     key doesn't exist and the mail gets bounced or it exists and has to
PP>     point to an external address, else you'll walk through this loop
PP>     indefinitely (until qmail recognizes the loop by "Delivered-To"
PP>     lines).

PP>     At least you'll have to have a .qmail-user file for every user that
PP>     should be a final recipient of a fastforward action.

PP>     Well ... ain't it the best to leave the existing dot-qmail files as
PP>     it's working the fastest way possible, instead off replacing them by
PP>     only other dot-qmail file that achive, in the end, the same?!?

PP> P.S.: PLEASE ... disable your Reply-To for this list or set it to the
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PP>       1.) Your Reply-To makes absolutely _no sense_. It's set to your
PP>         From which would already be taken as "address to reply to" if no
PP>         Reply-To header would be present.
PP>       2.) Your Reply-To header "destroys" the "List-Reply" functionality
PP>         of some MUAs, as they're (for good reasons) configured to
PP>         _first_ use Reply-To when replying, and only if absent
PP>         List-Header which could be used for replying are searched.

thank you  a lot, also I change reply, hope its ok ;))
so its no other way to keep out of hundreds of .qmail-something files
in dir ?

thnx anyway


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