Hello Oliver,

First: Please get used to _create a new_ message when starting a new
topic, instead of simply answering to an old post. Those of us using
MUA capable of threading e-mails get all you stuff as one long thread,
albeit subject changed several times. Thank you.

On Sunday, February 9, 2003 at 8:05:01 PM you [OEGCR] wrote (at least
in part):

> I want qmail to listen to more than one IP. Hpw can I do that?

1.) Make clean _what_ part of qmail you mean.
2.) However this component is invoked: THIS invocation is responsible
    for the IP-addresses and ports the qmail-service if bound to.
    If you start tcpserver with '0' as 'host' argument it will listen
    to _all_ interfaces, therefore all IP addresses.
    If you want to listen it only on 3 out of 5 IP addresses: start 3
    instances, unless you find a hint in the manual how to pass the 3
    IPs to tcpserver (which I doubt you'll find).

So there still applies the general rule: RTFM (read the _fine_
manuals). It's all written down in there and general qmail question
still belong to the qmail-newsgroup and / or mailing liste.
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

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