Hi, Howard.

It looks like you're going to need to have your users use a local or remote client that supports POP3.

I'd suggest Pine. I believe it will do POP3. Just setup a local
POP server, and have your users connect to that inside pine.

Howard Miller wrote:

I have a small qmail / vpomail installation. I'm having big problems getting sqwebmail to compile (I'm on HP-UX). Sooo... I was wondering can I set up some local users and get them to telnet in and use Mutt (or similar) to access the Maildirs?

Trouble is there are (for a start) permission problems as only vpopmail user has access to them, and I would much rather keep it this way.

mutt configuration is a bit daunting - I wondered if anybody has got something like this working - or have I just gone crazy?


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