If pop3 works, then just use imp with pop3 support.  You'll need to compile
php with imap support, but in the imp configs just choose that you have a
pop3 server and not imap.  We've got an old mail server here that doesn't
have imap running on it, and that's what I did ;).  IMP can be obtained from


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I would love to do that - but courier-imap won't compile either! I think my 
machine has an aversion to inter7 software! 

The telnet thing is just a workaround so we can get our mail, while I'm 
sorting out the webmail problems. Using pine and POP3 is probably the way to

go. I've done that before, but it slipped my mind!

I suppose the next question would be has anybody got sqwebmail and/or 
courier-imap to work on hp-ux - one for another list!!

Thanks everybody!


On Monday 10 February 2003 14:54, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> On Monday 10 February 2003 09:20, Howard Miller wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a small qmail / vpomail installation. I'm having big problems 
> > getting sqwebmail to compile (I'm on HP-UX). Sooo... I was wondering 
> > can I set up some local users and get them to telnet in and use Mutt 
> > (or
> > similar) to access the Maildirs?
> I may be crazy, but why don't you download a web based IMAP client for 
> your
> users: like squirrelmail?
> Nobody likes to telnet to check mail.
> > Trouble is there are (for a start) permission problems as only 
> > vpopmail user has access to them, and I would much rather keep it 
> > this way.
> >
> > mutt configuration is a bit daunting - I wondered if anybody has got 
> > something like this working - or have I just gone crazy?
> >
> > Thanks

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