Hi Oliver,

First: GET RID of that stupid "Reply-To:" in your settings. It makes it
  unnecessary difficulty to answer to the list, as Reply-To takes
  precedence. As your Reply-To is the very same as your from it's
  additionally _absolutely obsolete_.
  If you'd read the list, and not only ask your questions and ignore all
  other mail you'd have noticed I already mentioned this in a mail w/
  Message-ID: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> to somebody

Second: in a former answer to you (Message-ID:
  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) I suggested you start a new
  thread by creating _a fresh new mail_, instead of replying to an
  existing one. This suggestion was made for explicit reasons, not for
  fun. It seems you're not reading answers to your questions carefully,
  which might lead to you not getting much answer in the future.

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 17:19:39 +0100 "Oliver Etzel - GoodnGo.COM \(R\)"

> Normally when you make
> telnet localhost 110
> then
> Escape character is '^]'.
> +OK <21032.104488897
> will appear.
> I will get no answer.
> How can I get it work?

Get a clue about your system.
Jens wrote what you should do:

>> try a netstat -lnp and search port 110, mayby the port did't bind to
>> localhost.

If there is no service bound to that port you _can't_ get "an answer".
Get an idea about how TCP/IP-services and daemons work: no application
that bind to a port, no service available.

>>> after installing vpopmail succesfully- I cannot do : telnet localhost 110
>>> Where can I look? Who had the same problem?

Clayton alredy answered your question: installating vpopmail ain't
installing a POP3-daemon. The vpopmail documentation describes _VERY
WELL_ how to include vpopmail in a normal qmail-pop3d startup.
Read LWQ, read the vpopmail documentation and set up a POP3-daemon.
That's all. And that's all qmail issues.

If you're not able to set up the daemon properly because you not even
understand tcpserver you're good advised find somebody who does. Even if
you need to pay him.
It's a bad idea to build a car if you don't have any idea how to
assemble it. It's even worse to try to drive it afterwards, you'll put
yourself and innocent other into danger.

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