Hi all,

I have a problem with vdelivermail it is not correctly proceeding
.qmail- files.

Imagine situation you have a domain called test.com. Do you want to
forward the whole domain <everything>@test.com into address
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and the address should be proceed acording its .qmail
file. {local deliverded and forwarded to external address}

do you have in
| <path to vdelivermail> vdelivermail '' [EMAIL PROTECTED]

and there is a file called
<path to domain>/test.com/john/Maildir/

there is a mailbox [EMAIL PROTECTED]

And the behaviour is now:
when you send mail directly to [EMAIL PROTECTED] its correctly proceed and
is local delivered and a copy is forwarded to external address.

But when you send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] its only localy delivered it is
not forwarded to external mail address.

Can somebody help me with this problem, I have tested the stable
 5.2.1  version and developement  5.3.14

 Best regards

 Juraj Hantak

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