On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 08:07  AM, Dzuy Nguyen wrote:

Bill, the message above was unrelated to this problem. I was looking for
ways to make alias user to get the spam checking. I didn't say it was a bug.
BTW, I still have not found a suitable solution for qmail/vpopmail/spamassassin
to play nice with each other.
A patch to vdelivermail was sent to the list last week. I hope to test it today and integrate it into 5.3.17 if all goes well.

The bug I was refering to was mentioned in a thread months ago. It involves
.qmail file in the user's directory. If it's fixed, then I apologized.
The only other mention I found in the archives was you referring to a bug that was *fixed* in 5.3.x... can you post the URL to the specific problem?



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