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Juraj Hantak wrote:

Hi all,
I have a problem with vdelivermail it is not correctly proceeding
.qmail- files.
Imagine situation you have a domain called Do you want to
forward the whole domain <everything> into address
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and the address should be proceed acording its .qmail
file. {local deliverded and forwarded to external address}
do you have in
| <path to vdelivermail> vdelivermail '' [EMAIL PROTECTED]
and there is a file called
<path to domain>/
there is a mailbox [EMAIL PROTECTED]
And the behaviour is now:
when you send mail directly to [EMAIL PROTECTED] its correctly proceed and
is local delivered and a copy is forwarded to external address.
But when you send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] its only localy delivered it is
not forwarded to external mail address.
Can somebody help me with this problem, I have tested the stable
 5.2.1  version and developement  5.3.14

The correct thing to do is put the external email address in the vdelivermail line, like so:

| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' [EMAIL PROTECTED]

.qmal files in the domain directory are for qmail-local processing, NOT vdelivermail. This is why the setup you described fails. vdelivermail checks for a vpasswd entry for john since is the local domain. It does NOT look at .qmail files in the domain's directory, just .qmail files in the user's directory.

 Best regards
 Juraj Hantak

There is a bug in vdelivermail since 5.2 which I identified and reported. I'm
surprised it didn't make it to 5.3 development releases. Basically, forward and
keeps a copy works fine, but forward alone does not. Please check the archive
for details of the problem.

I assume you are referring to this message:

Bill, the message above was unrelated to this problem.  I was looking for
ways to make alias user to get the spam checking.  I didn't say it was a bug.
BTW, I still have not found a suitable solution for qmail/vpopmail/spamassassin
to play nice with each other.

The bug I was refering to was mentioned in a thread months ago.  It involves
.qmail file in the user's directory.  If it's fixed, then I apologized.

See the argument above.  The same logic applies, and it's not a bug.


Bill Shupp

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