It's a pretty straight forward step-by-step for
vpopmail+spamassassin+squirrelmail etc etc.


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Hi all,

        Does anyone have a HOW-TO or any information on how to integrate
Spamassassin with vpopmail and Squirrelmail?  I'm specifically looking to
use the squirrelmail spamassassin plugin to allow the users to modify their
spam settings.  I'm not sure how this is done in conjunction with vpopmail,
however.  Anyone tried this?

The server will have the following packages on it :

spamassasin (using qmail-scanner)
vpopmail (for virtual domains/mailboxes.  No local accounts whatsoever.)
Panda Software virus scanner (qmail wrapper, doesn't use qmail-scanner)
SquirrelMail mySQL database back end (3.23.55, not 4.0 yet)

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