This seems out of scope for the Vpopmail list but I'll tell you what we're
trying to do.
Your config is like ours except we don't use qmail-scanner or Panda ( we use
RAV).  Although Clayton's howto is a great start, it doesn't address the
issue of allowing people to manage their SA setting within Squirrelmail.
There's a Vpopmail user management plugin on the Squirrelmail site which
works well.  I just finished modifing it to have a setting of "Spam
filtering ON/OFF"  This basically puts "|maildrop" in a user's .qmail file.
The second step is to integrate the SA control panel located at
http://spamassassin.org/devel/php-sa-mysql-0.5.tar.gz .  Still working on
Note that if you are using procmail and have no need for security, there's
some handy plugins already available on the Squirrelmail site that will do
all this for you.

--chris davis

> Hi all,
>         Does anyone have a HOW-TO or any information on how to integrate
> Spamassassin with vpopmail and Squirrelmail?  I'm specifically looking to
> use the squirrelmail spamassassin plugin to allow the users to modify
> spam settings.  I'm not sure how this is done in conjunction with
> however.  Anyone tried this?
> The server will have the following packages on it :
> qmail
> courier-imap
> spamassasin (using qmail-scanner)
> vpopmail (for virtual domains/mailboxes.  No local accounts whatsoever.)
> Panda Software virus scanner (qmail wrapper, doesn't use qmail-scanner)
> SquirrelMail mySQL database back end (3.23.55, not 4.0 yet)
> Thanks,
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