On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 11:09, Christopher Davis wrote:
> Jason,
> This seems out of scope for the Vpopmail list but I'll tell you what we're
> trying to do.

My apologies...  I'm not completely familiar with SpamAssassin, so I'm
not totally sure how it works.  I know it has to get the configuration
from somewhere.  In my limited research (thus far), I've noticed that
procmail, maildrop, and .qmail files are used for this..

However, there are no home directories for these users since they're all
virtual..  So, I was wondering how to make it work within the confines
of vpopmail...

> Your config is like ours except we don't use qmail-scanner or Panda ( we use
> RAV).  Although Clayton's howto is a great start, it doesn't address the
> issue of allowing people to manage their SA setting within Squirrelmail.

An important part of what I want to do...  :)

> There's a Vpopmail user management plugin on the Squirrelmail site which
> works well.  I just finished modifing it to have a setting of "Spam
> filtering ON/OFF"  This basically puts "|maildrop" in a user's .qmail file.
> The second step is to integrate the SA control panel located at
> http://spamassassin.org/devel/php-sa-mysql-0.5.tar.gz .  Still working on
> that...

Hrm...  now I gotta learn PHP..  *sigh*  :)

> Note that if you are using procmail and have no need for security, there's
> some handy plugins already available on the Squirrelmail site that will do
> all this for you.

Not using procmail, actually...  Security is *always* an issue :)

> --chris davis

Thanks for the info...  I'd be more than happy to discuss this more off
the list...  :)

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