On Sunday 23 February 2003 21:56, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> OK. Again, I admit lack of experience here. But, it still seems like a
> vpopmail specific protocol would be faster than transfering and modifying
> files over NFS. Does everyone really think that NFS would be faster?

First off, I've designed and built 2 different qmail+vpopmail clusters, using 
different platforms (Sun and Linux), both using NFS (EMC and RaidZone), and 
they both work like champs.

Ok, as to your question.  NFS is optimized for sending the data for the 
network and writing it to disk, or reading the data from disk and pushing it 
back out.  Your vpopmail daemon would have to do the same thing -- accept the 
message via a network port and then write it to the disk.  Sounds a lot like 
NFS to me.  Why not go with the mature protocol?

> Thanks for the reply.
> Jesse

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